On July 26, 2000, in the year of the great Jubilee, the Missionary Oblates made a public declaration of intention to enter into a new partnership with the aboriginal people to own, direct, and operate the Lac Ste Anne Pilgrimage. The Oblates invited individuals who share these beliefs and who supported the mission and vision of the LSA pilgrimage to ensure that the legacy and sacredness of the pilgrimage site continue for generations yet unborn.

To this end, lay individuals were added to the Board of the LSA Company to help organize and plan the annual pilgrimage. The LSA Trust was established in July 2003. (A trust is a legal structure whereby the Trustees are obligated to manage the assets within the objects of the Trust documents). The Oblates transferred the lands and the operating company to this Trust. The Trust is composed of The Provincial of the Oblates (or his designate) the Archbishop of Edmonton, three first Nations Catholics (from Alberta, Saskatchewan, and the Northwest Territory) and one Catholic Métis.

The objects of the trust are to:

  • Encourage and support aboriginal people to direct and operate the Pilgrimage
  • Preserve, enhance, strengthen, and facilitate the spiritual nature of the Pilgrimage, its site and facilities
  • Provide an environment where all peoples may express their Catholic faith
  • Promote growth and healing in all stages of life
  • Invite individuals, who share the beliefs and who support the mission and vision of the Pilgrimage, to ensure that the legacy and sacredness of the Pilgrimage site continues for generations yet unborn

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