Parking and Camping

Many pilgrims travel long distances and camp on the Lac Ste. Anne pilgrimage grounds. Parking is also available on the site.

All fees go to help the Lac Ste. Anne Pilgrimage Society pay for the high costs of licensing, first aid, waste management and garbage supplies, sanitation, porta-potties, water, 24-hour security, media, administration and daily maintenance, as well as the after-pilgrimage cleanup and ongoing year-round site maintenance for all the buildings, shrine, pier, and grounds.

Camping Fees

  • LSAP Camping Fee – July 20-25:
  • $50/lot (5 people with tent and 1 vehicle) 
  • $100/RV 
  • Add $20/Waste Management 
  • Early camping begins Wednesday July 17: $10/day per lot and trailer  *no services availab le

Anyone staying on LSAP grounds must pay camp fees. Camping passes are given to campers when they pay their camp fees.

Questions regarding camping? Contact Lisa Alexis at 780-905-5907

Parking only (non-campers), per vehicle on Pilgrimage Grounds

  • $5/day

Under RCMP supervision, the pilgrimage site has zero tolerance for drugs and alcohol on the grounds. Anyone found using these substances will be evicted by security, and will not be permitted to return for the rest of the pilgrimage. Anyone who returns after being evicted will be charged with trespassing.